Rustic Lighthouse Ii Framed Art Silver Picture Frame Print Wall Art


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Rustic Lighthouse Print

  • This unit can be used in either vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Built to last with a frame made of durable high grad plastic.
  • Built to last, sturdy construction from a mix of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic.
  • Hangs in a vertical orientation.


Bring some sizzle to your space with this eye-catching rustic lighthouse print. A framed art silver picture frame print wall art. This print is a visual artistic expression that allows you to decorate your space in style. Reproduced for you on paper, this hanging decorative accent will be a trendy and fashionable way to dress your walls. Adding this hanging wall art to your space to make your room feel more finished and attractive. Utilize this opportunity to create a focal point in the room with this fabulous wall decor option. 42″ H x 32″ W x 3″ D