Artistic Oil Painting Lighthouse Wall Clock 12 Inch Home Decor Wall Clock Silent Non-Beating round Wall Clock Easy to Read Suitable for Living Room/Kitchen/Home/Bathroom/Office/Laundry Room


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Oil Painting Lighthouse Wall Clock

: 12 inch diameter wall clock easy to hang, can stand on a table or hang on a wall.

  • : PVC sheet material, no frame, no glass cover. Environmentally friendly organic plastic material, non-polluting to life, brightly printed and non-fading.
  • : Beautiful modern minimalist wall clock, personalised with a pattern and composed of Arabic numerals, suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, hospital, office or as a gift for grandmother, girlfriend or Thanksgiving or Christmas present.
  • : complete silence, no noise, no “ticking”. This silent wall clock will not disturb you when you are reading, working, thinking, talking or sleeping. The precise battery-operated quartz sweep movement ensures reliable and accurate time.
  • : you only need to install a battery on its back to make it mobile. The pointer-style movement case can be removed and adjusted. Due to shipping problems, this product does not have a battery. You will need to purchase your own.
  • Oil Painting Lighthouse Wall Clock easy to read


Bardic Wall Clock
Size: 12 inch
Material: 100% PVC
Weight: 420g-460g
1 Silent and non-ticking, high quality silent sweep movement to maintain accurate time and an absolutely silent environment.
2 Large Arabic numerals and hands are easy to read.
3 Decorate your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, classroom, guest room, office, restaurant, café, library or any color wall.
4 Easy to hang, stand on a table or hang on a wall.
Note: Wall clock without batteries, without glass cover, without frame clock.