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Lighthouse Photo Frame

This Nautical Scenic Lighthouse Photo Frame Sculpture measures 11″ tall 8.25″ long and 3.25″ deep approximately. It weighs about 3 Nautical Scenic Lighthouse Photo Frame Sculpture is made of the highest quality resin undergoing the process of bronze electroplating giving it a shine on the inside as well as the of the This process makes the resemble the look of actual bronze but with much lesser weight. To sculptural and display worthiness we accent black plastic bases to the sculpture. For many years the lighthouse has been a symbol of inspiration and hope for many people. This nautical lighthouse photo frame sculpture is the perfect decor for that vacation home or office of yours whether by the sea or far inland. The spirit of the seas will come right with this sculpture featuring a towering lighthouse on end and crashing waves with a ship at the other. In between the two lan