Decoration Fishing Net 7Ft ×14.7Ft for Pirate,Hawaiian Nautical Ocean Mediterranean Party Wall Hanging Natural White Fishnet Decor Table Decorative Netting Living Room Decorar Fish Net


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Decorative Fishing Net

  • The net body is made of 100% nylon (PA), it is remanufactured from real fishing nets, suitable for adult children’s pirate ocean series theme party scene decoration
  • This is a very large Decorative Fishing Net for Kids’ parties. The material is a little thin, but it is sturdy
  • The expanded area of the decorative fishing net is about 55 square feet
  • mesh size 0.9 inches X0.9 inches, high density, good decorative effect
  • Can be washed with washing machine and reused


Product Description

White fishing net is suitable for you to decorate and create seashore and lakeside scenery

White decorative fishing nets are suitable for multiple party and party scenarios

The white decorative fishing net with a spread area of 55 square feet can well meet your multi scene decoration and beautification

Seeing the beautiful environment created by decorative fishing nets reminds me of the people and things I used to work and live on the sea and seashore

White decorative fishing net with distinctive features and sharing of elegance and customs

Shared experiences and similar hobbies meet in the environment created by decorative fishing nets, and the joy and true feelings are expressed in words